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Why hello there.

Did I mention before that as a result of mainlining the re-imagined BSG while watching for the first time in February and March I have a new fandom? No? Well I do.

I've fallen for BSG pretty hard atm, and have been doing some very little amounts of writing as a result of involvements in [ profile] no_takebacks. For posterity's sake, I'm posting them here. They're all very short. Read them or not, I don't really mind. Just please don't take the mick too badly ;) I suspect that Ben will do that enough for all of you ;) (The extent to which I've fallen for BSG is a source of great amusement for him).

All stories are Lee/Kara centric for now. Varying levels of fluff. And very much not my greatest work, though it tends to improve in direct proportion to how much I need a hug...

#1 - Prompt: 'The ground was wet with ______ as Kara and Lee stepped quietly through the door. They heard ______ sounds in the background and the jarring vibrations of ______, slowly growing closer...'

The ground was wet with blood as Kara and Lee stepped quietly through the door. They heard chaotic sounds in the background and the jarring vibrations of cylon centurions, slowly growing closer...

Reports of just how many centurions had managed to board Galactica were confused, but from what he had managed to gather before the comms link to CIC had been cut, Lee was pretty sure that they were the only ones who could prevent the ship from falling. He should have been more worried, but between the adrenaline high and the old comfort of fighting with someone who knew what he would do before he did it Lee was certain that the cylons could be stopped. Who could stand in their way when he and Kara worked together?

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#2 - Prompt: 'There are only six ______ left in the twelve worlds and ______'s not going to waste them. ______ tucks them into the locker and leaves the room with a _____. ______ is going to ______ tonight. '

There are only six water balloons left in the twelve worlds and Kara's not going to waste them. She tucks them into the locker and leaves the room with a fine specimen. Lee is going to get absolutely soaked tonight.

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#3 - Prompt: 'Go forth and write me a kiss.'

Kara peered round the curtain for what must have been at least the tenth time that day. She was fine as long as she was distracted with work, but as soon as a task finished she would head straight to that curtained off area of sick bay to see if he was awake yet, and praying silent prayers that Dee would be away from his bedside.

This time, finally, he was awake. Dee was still there, but now that the time had come Kara found that she didn't care. Relief and hope coursed through her making her feel giddy. He was alive, he was awake and she knew how close he had come to not being. Every moment with him from now on should count. She threw caution to the wind and trusted the instincts that served her so well in battle. Even as her brain was screaming caution at her she listened to what her gut was telling her. Swift feet carried her from the hatchway at the entrance to sickbay to Lee's bedside. Her trembling hands cupped his face and she embraced him as if there were nothing and no-one else in the world.

Lee looked startled for one moment, finding himself barely able to trust himself, convinced it must be a Morpha hallucination. Then he realised it was blessedly real, and relaxed into her.

Dee let herself out. Neither of them noticed. It was as if time stood still for them here, where they were finally complete.

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#4 - Prompt: 'Mother's Day'

Kara sighed. She'd hated this holiday for so long. How could you celebrate mother's day when every memory of her mother was bitter and full of pain? She knew that at least she had a kindred spirit in Lee. Long talks on quiet nights had revealed to her the true nature of his relationship with Carolanne and the mixed feelings he had whenever he thought of her.

She was torn out of her quiet contemplation by a tiny cry. As she leaned back against the pillows having picked the baby out of the bassinet Lee stirred beside her, waking just enough to sleepily smile with contentment at the image of his wife and child.

Kara grinned back, her contentment complete. Her first mother's day with her child. A new start with no need to dwell any more on the pain of the past. Finally a mother's day memory to cherish.

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#5 - Prompt: 'Smouldering'

Lee climbed out of his Viper and stared in horror at the smouldering wreckage that had once been Kara's Viper.

It would be bad enough if the damage were a result of the hard landing, but Lee knew it had to be worse than that. She'd been hit by a raider. That she'd managed to land was a miracle in itself, but there was no way of knowing yet how badly injured she was or how short of oxygen she'd been when she landed.

After what seemed an age Lee released a breath he didn't realise he'd been holding. She was alive!

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#6 - Prompt: 'Medal'

The Chief scratched his head almost reflexively as he walked around the intertwined Vipers on the flight deck. It was all very well to pull crazy manoeuvres in combat but when it came down to it they created extensive damage that'd need fixing when they landed. He deserved a damn medal for the unglamorous work he did down here but the glory went to the pilots.

He sighed enviously as they walked off towards sickbay to get checked out. Exchanging banter. Some might even call it flirting. He turned his thoughts back to the problem in hand. They were salvageable. Just.

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#7 - Prompt: 'Hands'

She should be nervous. Everything she'd read, everyone she'd talked to told her that she should be nervous. She wasn't though. Nothing she had ever done before had felt so right as this.

When it had come down to it, when the question was finally asked after all the years of running, it had been the easiest decision she had ever had to make. It'd made her wonder what she thought she had been running from for all that time.

She took his hands in hers and grinned in her usual cocksure way. "I, Kara Thrace, take you, Leeland Joseph Adama..."

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#8 - Prompt: 'Wing'

It felt all wrong out here. Like he'd lost a piece of himself. With Kara on his wing he'd always felt like they were two parts of the same bird. He barely had to say anything to her.

She just knew.

He was certain now he'd made the right decision to hand over his wings, even if it were originally for the wrong reasons. Flying no longer held any joy. Not now.

Not without her.

He chased the unknown dradis contact by himself, at least now not worrying about flying with an unfamiliar pilot.

Then he saw her. Relief washed through him.

He was complete again.

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