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Yesterday was a much better day for me and I didn't cry once. I think it's because I was so busy and actually getting things done, which gave me something to channel my anxiety in to.

Mum and I were waiting for a call from the hospital to say to come in for an MRI, as they could only do her yesterday if there was a cancellation, so we were on standby all day. (Aside, they wanted to do the MRI on Thursday when mum had an epic day at the hospital bouncing between various doctors and tests, but by the time the MRI was proposed she'd been at the hospital for 6ish hours and not eaten yet and had had enough, so it was postponed.)

Anyway, we made use of the day to do a few errands, because mum had woken up feeling good (for her, at the moment) and headed out about half 10. First we went to Matalan because they have an offer on jammies and mum's sick of the ones she's been wearing nearly continuously for about 8 weeks now. She also got some other stuff, including some single bed sheets - more on that in a minute!

Checked she wasn't too tired and decided to press on to Croydon proper for a little more shopping. Got some more jammies for her, and a nighty for me, then left her to sit for a bit and regain some energy while I pressed on to Reeves of Croydon who had a single bed I was interested in.

Basically I've been sleeping on the floor of the spare room for the last couple of nights and mum and I decided that a proper bed for in here would be desireable if I'm going to be spending more time here. It means I have my own space, though I definitely had to work for it (it was a typical spare room type of mess, so [ profile] red_pill and I spent a good five hours or so last night cleaning it out and up).

Reeves were amazing. If anyone is reading this, lives in the area and needs furniture I cannot recommend them enough. I explained the situation and they arranged to have it delivered today for their standard charge (about half the price of the next day charge).

That's the reason we needed single bed sheets in a hurry. Mum and Phil are both in double beds (which absolutely will not fit in the spare room) and cleared all the single bedding out a few months ago. D'oh! We seem to be mostly bedding enabled now though.

Finished up the Croydon wanderings with mum by going to Nandos for tasty chicken (and mum managed to eat all of her chicken portion (though not much rice), which is brilliant, because she's not eating much at all at the moment and didn't think she'd manage a whole portion of chicken) and Surrey Street market for strawberries and rasperries for later, as they're one of the few fruits mum can manage at the moment (the others being bananas and grapes).

She was tired out by all that, but said her soul felt somewhat replenshed, which must be pretty important right now. In the end, we didn't get a call to come in for an MRI, so I guess that now won't happen until after the weekend.

Managed to do some food shopping a bit later, which led to me clearing out and cleaning the fridge, which needed doing pretty badly. In the middle of that particular chaos, mum's (boy/man)friend, Duncan arrived to visit her, which I think also helped with the recharging of batteries somewhat.

Phil and I finished cleaning out and up the spare room about 1am and I'm still rather tired now, but pleased with the practical difference I made yesterday, which I think is why I'm doing a bit better today (and had a good day yesterday). I know it probably won't last, but I think I'll cherish it while it's happening.

Should get back to Canterbury sometime this afternoon/evening hopefully. I'm going to wait till the bed's been delivered and put together, then I'm coming home for a day and a half before coming back on Monday, which should hopefully help recharge my batteries.

ETA: I'm finally going through comments you've posted in the last few days/weeks and replying. Sorry it's taken me so long :) I really do appreciate everything you have collectively said. The comments mean a lot to me. X

ETA: 12/07/11 No longer filtered

Date: 28 March 2010 11:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm glad you've got some space to yourself for while you're there, so you can recharge your batteries during visits. *hugs*

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