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A drabble I wrote for my CBB Secret Santee. Inspired by the University of Kent Christmas service held at the Cathedral.

It was late and Jo sat quietly in the old, worn church pew. The candles threw flickering light on the stone walls. The church was completely silent. The medieval building was deserted now, though soon it would be time for midnight mass and it would be packed. For now though, it was as she wanted it and why she had stayed after evensong. She loved it like this, especially at Christmas. To Jo it seemed as if the church was filled with people so real that she could just reach out and touch them. It was packed with the people who had stood exactly where she was standing, doing exactly what she was doing, and had been for nearly a thousand years.

She felt them all with her in that moment, which seemed frozen out of time and part of something so much bigger than herself and was nearly overcome with the emotion of it all.

A door creaked. Just as suddenly as the feeling had come, it went. Jo had no idea how long she had been standing there in the candlelight, but the church was now filling with people who had come to commemorate the Saviour’s birth.

The service began, the moment returned, and with tears streaming down her face she recited under her breath the words the priest read.
       "Glory to God in the Highest..."

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