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There's still snow here today, not as much as most of you but a good inch or so, and more is falling now, meaning UKC is closing at 2pm, and a couple of schools are closing now that were open earlier due to worsening conditions. Our stairs, which have been swept and salted twice since yesterday are overwhelmed with snow again. It's all rather exciting ;)

For readers elsewhere I should explain that here in the UK, especially in the South East corner (and I'm almost as south and east as you can get) we don't usually get snow, especially snow that settles enough to do stuff in due to the jet stream which keeps Britain warm, despite it being on the same longitude as Moscow (I believe). So when it does snow and settles it causes chaos ;)

Our excitement this morning was doubled (or more!) by being able to have a proper play with [ profile] benc's Christmas present, Lego Technic set 8275, a Motorized Bulldozer in the snow.

Research suggested it would work very well in the snow, as there are videos of the Lego development team testing one of the development models in the snow, but we still wanted to have a play ourselves. This most recent (and heavy) snow has given us the perfect opportunity.

So we did. Here are the videos to prove it!

First [ profile] benc had a go while I filmed:

Then I drove it while [ profile] benc filmed:

I think I can safely say that a good time was had by all :)

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