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Hilda Annersley looked keenly across the desk at the doctor. “So you think you can do something to help?”

The doctor grimaced somewhat. “If you had come to see me earlier then I think we would have had a better chance, but I am willing to give it a go. You do understand the risks involved though? This is a very experimental procedure and if it goes wrong then you will have to…”

“Yes, yes, I know.” Hilda interrupted, “but you think we could get a result then I think it’s worth the risk.” She looked and sounded agitated.

The doctor took pity on her and picked up the telephone to speak to his secretary in the other room. “Hi? Susan? I need to know when I next have an opening in my surgery schedule? Tomorrow? Excellent. Book Hilda Annersley into that slot and give her the information sheets as she leaves. Thanks.” He clicked the receiver back down. “Okay Miss Annersley. We can fit you in tomorrow at 3pm. Have your friend bring you along then. Susan will give you the information you will need on your way out.”

Hilda looked relieved. “Thank you doctor. I don’t know how I can possibly repay you.” The Doctor looked distinctly uncomfortable but smiled anyway. “We can discuss that if it works. This will be the most advanced case I’ll have had to deal with.” With which he got up and showed the lady into the outer office where she was collected by her friend, who the doctor understood to be a Miss Wilson who made she sure got home safely.

The following day Hilda made her way to the Clinic for the procedure, escorted once again by Nell. There was no denying that she was nervous, but it was absolutely necessary that she undergo the procedure, and soon. Term was due to start again in just two weeks and she would need to be fully recovered by then.


Hilda smiled to herself as she remembered the anxious wait before the procedure, and the even more anxious one after when it was uncertain as to whether it had worked or not. The doctor had been right. She should have gone to consult him before, but the procedure had been a success, and now no one except the doctor and Nell would know just how poor her eyesight had been. Nell had been her rock, reading her official documents and even the girls schoolwork long after she should have given in and got a pair of glasses.

She looked searchingly at the new girl who stood nervously in front of her with her grey eyes that as far as anyone knew, had never yet needed glasses. Now, thanks to Nell and the great eye doctor, never would.

I've taken artistic licence with this one - the timelines are terribly off. She's had Laser Eye Surgery!

Date: 3 February 2008 07:08 pm (UTC)
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UI thought it was going to be gender reassignment!

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