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I woke up in a good mood. I was on time for work...again...second morning in a row. I had nothing vitally important to do. Yet I still ended up getting very very down to the point where I found communication a problem. Made ben suffer through a lunch time with me and went and hid for an hour in a corner somewhere. Made myself go to work. Met ellie just as I was coming out of hiding place. She was concerened about me nad gave me a hug and said if I needed her I should call. It started to pull me up, but I spent most of the rest of the day just feeling empty and drained. I went to work and sat and froze for an hour while tom ran around so we could be lazy and didn't have to go back to the school for becky, illi, dani and alice (all of whom I take home on a thursday)

Work finished late, called mum and had a chat (she's bringing Phil down tonight for the weekend \o/) and then when I was halfway down the hill I called ben...then i went back to wait for him. I wasn't going to call him cos I thought he needed an evening off from me, but eventually did. He seemed pleased I came back anyway. back to ben's place and I checked my email...turns out that following my reasessment I only have to pay £744 in Tuition fees \o/ - the lea have to pay about 1/3 of them - which would mean that I'm definately eligable for more loan, so now I just have to wait for it to arrive, Thank God. Things have been a bit hairy of late, but now I can actually start paying off what I owe UKC and buying some books I need. *breathes sigh of relief*

Ben did chicken rice for dinner. Was nice. Stayed the night. Slept well...

Need to get dressed now... ;)

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