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Today was really a mix of ups and downs and am feeling quite bouncy right now which is nice :)

Work was average and having dropped the kids at school I met ben and we went in together the rest of the way. I sat in his office for a bit then on a PPC for a bit. Rah came online and we chatted online for a bit, then met up and went to mungoes and talked some more which was all really jibbly. Added point one for today to my little book of positives which my doctor asked me to keep. Talking to rah made me feel happy.

I had lunch with her and foo and ben and that was nice. Got work done in afternoon then off to work where I started to suffer a mood drop which got steadily worse as the afternoon went on. I channeled it into something vaguely productive late evening then went and had snacks with ben (and made by the same :))

He went off on bus to town for beer and currage and I walked with him as far as eliot. Then I sat moaning cos I didn't want to go to choir for half an hour. But good things came of it.

I met Ellie.

She sat next to me totally by chance and wasn't feeling very well. We got talking and I said I nearly hadn't come to choir. You know what she said. She said she was glad I had. I put that in my book cos it made me happy and we got talking. SHe;s recovering from an eating disorder and suffers from anxiety and talking was really good. I'm giving her the .oggs of the mass in c tomorrow and we're going to have coffee at 11am and meet up before the concert on saturday. She's lovely and talking to her really helped. Almost enjoyed choir - first in a while.

Came back down the hill. Jibbled with claire and rah. Claire went to cook cakes for the SU and Rah and I had kudos, then heard foo was on way back so made up the ultimate scrabble game of doom in which we used all the letters available. Basically we made up the longest highest scoring words we could and pretended it had been a proper game to wind foo up. Foo wasn't wound up but that made me happy as well.

Now I'm tired and I want ben and my mood is starting to dip again.

So I will go to bed.

Cos it's 12:30 ;)

Date: 11 March 2004 05:35 pm (UTC)
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I wanted to say thanks for the hug and thoughts on #jibblers earlier, I missed you at the time (was doing 500 different things) as well as kind comments in my journal. You and everyone else made me feel so much better about everything which I needed. We'd been feeling so shitty since yesterday (when the printer was nicked) and then finding my jacket gone too made me very sad as well as angry.

I hope that things get better and more stable for you, you are a lovely person and I hope I will get the chance to meet you sometime, you don't deserve crappy depression (no one does) and I am glad the little book of positives helps. You made a difference to us today, your kind words helped me so that can go in my virtual list of positives.

Getting lots of sleep good if you can, lack of it certainly doesn't help things :( Hope people continue to be supportive and nice to you.


Date: 11 March 2004 09:37 pm (UTC)
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huggles and hot chocolate

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