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Like I said yesterday morning I've been having a nice run of it atm...

Woked up feeling bouncy which is always good. Went down to town for choir rehersal on bike...gears broke :( Parked bike and went and met ellie for rehersal. Rehersal went well and was done very early. Had starbucks and two gingerbread bunnies (yumyum) with ben then we went to see about bike. Bike shop said £25 to repair and with the other things needing doing we decided it would be cheaper to get a new bike, so called mum and asked if we could go 50/50 on a new one seeing as she was down over the weekend with Phil to see the concert. Ben and I wandered back to 19b where I left broken bike and picked up some bits then we wandered round to foo^rah's and had very giggly time. Had pie for dinner -- was lizzie pie :D Got changed for concert then my mood fell over and I started to cry on way to concert. Was very down throughout concert and sang with all my force to try and make myself feel happy but it didn't work and I just felt worse at the end because I'd been so looking forward to it and I ended up not enjoying it at all and I felt wretched. Withdrew more as evening went on after concert and was really quite nasty to be around. Went back to 19b and cried muchly. Felt oddly better for it.

Woked up feeling horribly empty inside, like I was dead and it took me a long time to get going. Ben came round and then so did Phil and we went back to 37wc and from there to PC world. Phil brought his shiny shiny 17" TFT and brought me a set of speakers and a new sound card. Then it was off to halfords where I chose a new bike only to find that mum and Phil wouldn't let me pay a penny and split the cost between them. New bike is lovely but some things need sorting so they are all as I like them :) Got pizza from Safeway and went back to eat it. Then foo took me to pick up bike. Came back and mood crashed again. Pity cos it had been slowly rising. Mum had to go and so did phil and I didn't really want them to. Foo gave lift back to 19b where ben and I had tea and watched CSI and I had an early night.

Monday turned out to be good. I woke up feeling fairly bouncy and happy and went off to work on new bike...was late, but not too badly so ;) Becky had been ill and was off school...raced tom in and omg he's a speed deamon! Umm...then what? Ah yes...mucked around till coffee time, then off to seminar where I blagged my way through having not done the reading. Participated in postgrad psycology study and got free chocolate for my trouble :) Watched flame war on ukc.misc where my name was dragged through te mud by dep. Apparently I'm a racist. ANyway, had lunch with tiggs and chris and foo and rah and andy and glenn and was very jibbly. Afternoon was spent watching misc and being good and not posting. Picked up illi from school and got hot chocolate from gordana and then got tom and dani and dropped them at their various homes then back to uni. Waited for foo and ben to be finished and ended up being invited round to dinner. Was very nice :D Jacket tatoes and steak cooked in beer while watching CSI. Was lovely evening. Pity rah not very well :| Earlyish night again. Yum sleep :)

Another bouncy day. Becky still not well so only tom again. Went to see MRP. Turns out I got my warning for "snigger" because it could be percieved as racist apparently. Can't help feeling it's political correctness gone mad. Anyway, she aplogised for making it a "formal warning" as opposed to just a warning and for diciplining me in the same email as dep. Foo was very calm...much better than I was. He asked how long it would be before he was diciplined again after yesterday adn was told a few days. Foo showed her a sample of Monday's posts and he was seemed within 20mins ;) Meeting lasted an hour. Came out not very happy cos I wasn't really impressed with what she had to say. Felt a bit sorry for her cos she just seemed a very confused old woman. Had coffee after. Rah still not well so she was home :( Had lunch with ben outside cos it was georgeous day and then went off to film leccie - last one. Was good. Saw Brief Encounter. I didn't really like it that much. Was quite boring IMO...I know it's supposed to be a classic but...

Got call from Gordana - only had to pick up tom because dani was home ill with fluey thing :( Was finished earlish tho which was good :)

Ben and I had pizza for dinner at 19b and was suppsoed to go to cell but couldn't bring myself to go so stayed in and had some ben cuddles and an early night. Ijust couldn't face going out :(

Sleep was good. Apparently fell asleep very quickly. Woke up briefly at smoke alarm at 1:10 but was more or less dead to the world till 5:30 when I woke up of my own volition but managed to get another 30 mins sleep in or so. Was nice :)

Was more or less on time today. Becky still not well :( She threw up in her sleep last night and apparently had it in her hair and everything :( She's off to the doctors today. Really not well poor bunny :(

Anyway...that's just about it I think. Still have minor blips but nothing major since sunday. *crosses fingers*

Date: 17 March 2004 09:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
>>Woke up briefly at smoke alarm at 1:10

yeah, sorry about that. had opened window, shut doors and everything but it still went off. bad monkey.

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