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I was watching Law and Order: UK a couple of weeks ago when I suddenly shouted out in surprise, because I recognised the location they had been shooting at. I knew they filmed in and around Sutton (and no, this story isn't nearly as cool as [ profile] angelicalangie's - I didn't meet anyone, or even see them filming). What I didn't know was that they had also filmed only a couple of hundred yards from the house I grew up in from the time I was 7, and also only a couple of hundred yards from the flat we lived in before that.


This map illustrates just how close they were. Point A is my old house (where I lived till I was 21 [2005]), Point B is where they filmed.

Law & Order UK Coulsdon (The Mount) 01
This is the location of all the local shops. It's called Hillcrest Parade. That low wall is popular with teenagers who like to sit there and drink cheap cider at night ;)

In the old days, when my parents first moved to the area (it's in Coulsdon, a place called "Clockhouse" which is the only bit of Coulsdon to be in the London Borough of Sutton) it used to include a Butcher, a small supermarket, a pharmacy, and a green grocer, off licence and a post office. Nowadays there's an off licence and a fish and chip shop (as well as a pharmacy and a post office).

Law & Order UK Coulsdon (The Mount) 02
The funny shaped building in the background is called Hillcrest Hall. It's where I had all my birthday parties when I was little. There's a nursery school that use it during the day now, and it's also where the local polling station is come election time. There's a stage there as well, and is used for local meetings and performances as well as some evening classes. It's where [ profile] red_pill learned to tap dance ;)

Law & Order UK Coulsdon (The Mount) 03
Another shot of Hillcrest Parade. The shop with the news stand outside is what was traditionally the off licence, but now has basic goods like bread and stuff in as well.

Law & Order UK Coulsdon (The Mount) 04
The mound of green in the background here is what was known locally as the old air raid shelter, though I've never seen any actual evidence that it was. It's where we used to taboggan in the snow when I was growing up cos there's a decent slope.

Law & Order UK Coulsdon (The Mount) 05
Final shot of Hillcrest Parade. The shop on the right is the one that used to be the off licence.

I exclaimed in excitement to Phil about somewhere so close featuring and bemoaning that I wasn't around to get an autograph and got a "oh yeah, I knew they filmed there. I watched them do it!"

He didn't collect any autographs :(

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