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Written for the game of Clue that was running over on [ profile] no_takebacks here.

WHERE: Under Kara's Viper
WHAT: Motor Oil
WHEN: Season One

Kara was on the floor under the viper that had been assigned to her. It's Dash's Viper, she thought, then remembered no, he died. That stupid frakking accident. This is my Viper now and I need to start thinking of it like that. The Chief had been extremely scathing when he'd assigned it to her, unhappy that she'd completely written off one of his limited supply of birds and Kara had been more than happy to get out of his way and nestle quietly under the Viper and forget that the Chief even existed for a while.

Footsteps brought Kara back to her surroundings. They stopped by the spot where her feet jutted out underneath the Viper.

"Starbuck?" a voice asked hesitantly.

"Gods Apollo, who else is it going to be with their leg braced like this?" Kara snapped in irritation. She'd just accidentally caught the cap of the oil resovoir and found it wasn't attached as tightly as it should have been, leaving Kara absolutely covered in motor oil.

Lee squatted down so he could see underneath the Viper. "Problems?"

"What do you think?" Kara was sufficiently wound up between the chief and the motor oil to bring her temper right out. "How the hell am I going to clean this off me? I can barely get around as it is!" She gestured at the crutches on the floor next to her.

Her irritation didn't lessen when Lee smirked at her.

"Need a hand?" Lee's face softened from a smirk into a genuine smile as he reached out towards her and Kara felt her irritation melt away.

"Dunno, Apollo. It depends... You wanna give me a bath?"

WHERE: Demetrius (could be AU)
WHAT: paint
WHEN: Season Four

"It's the only way I can show you Lee," Kara looked at him, pleading with her eyes for Lee to understand her. "I see this every time I close my eyes. Sometimes I see it even when I don't. I know it's the key to finding earth. Please Lee, I'm not crazy. It's so real."

Kara couldn't remember the last time she had painted. She'd run out of her own painting supplies long ago, no matter how much she'd watered them down to try and make them last.

Kara should have been surprised when the Leoben model had appeared, but she hadn't been. She hadn't even been surprised when he had produced a box full of painting supplies from his heavy raider, though gods only knew where he got them from or how long he'd been carrying them. Sometimes she felt like Leoben understood how she worked better than she did.

What she needed more than anything else on the Demetrius was to be able to paint. To get the images out of her mind, be able to study them. To be able to have someone else study them. And just when she felt like she'd been going most crazy, Leoben turned up with paint. Kara had always been a believer. It was hard not to think of it as a sign.

Lee wrapped his arms around Kara and she once again thanked the gods that instead of mustering out Lee had remained with the fleet and agreed to serve as her XO here. If he wasn't here anchoring her she was convinced that she would be finding it even harder to connect with the crew.

"It's okay Kara. You'll never have to justify yourself to me. I believe in you. I always have."

WHERE: Demetrius (could be AU)
WHAT: paint
WHEN: Season Four

"You son of a bitch," Lee, every inch the Apollo of old, punched the prisoner squarely on his nose. "The last thing she needed was you coming here and messing with her head. This is how you get off, isn't it? Whispering in her ear until she doesn't know what way is up anymore." Lee shoved the Leoben model against the grating on the floor, wishing that beating Conoy to a bloody pulp would make him feel better.

Lee had been watching Kara paint for hours. If she was outwardly calmer when she painted, it was also clear that her mind was more messed up than ever since Conoy had appeared in his heavy raider.

Lee believed in Kara, and always had. He believed that she would lead them to Earth. Kara had made a believer of him, and Lee had never really believed in anything before. A cynic, Zak brother had called him, and it was true. Until Kara.

Lee had told her of his belief in her plenty of times, though he doubted she believed him. To do so wouldn't be Kara.

Leoben smirked up at him, and Lee put the boot in to the figure curled up on the floor. The Leoben still smirked.

Yes, he thought. I believe in Kara. But I'm always worried about what she'll do when this cylon is around.

Lee spat on the prisoner and stalked out, trying to convince himself that Conoy wasn't worth it. If he told himself that enough, he may start to believe it.

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