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This is my big sister. Catherine Patricia Frances Overal.

This is a picture of her after she died (you can only see her head, but I've left this one as a link in case it upsets people)

She was born at 25 weeks gestation - 15 weeks (nearly four months) premature in February 1982. She weighed 1lb 9.5oz and lived for less than a day, so I never knew her. Even today babies born that early have huge challenges and many still die. In 1982, despite all the care the hospital could give her, the chances were worse and she sadly died.

Because my parents weren't very well off they could never afford to get a grave marker for my big sister, and so for 29 years now it's remained unmarked. There's no visible sign that she even existed to most of the world.

Tomorrow me and my auntie are going to order the amendments to my dad's headstone to have my mum's details added and we've managed to get together the money to have my sister's grave finally marked. I called the cemetery today to double check which plot Catherine was buried in so I could give the details to the monumental mason (which btw, is an awesome job title).

It's just as well I did, because it turns out that my mum and dad (both deceased) hold the rights to my sister's grave, so we wouldn't have been able to arrange a headstone because we (surviving family) have no rights over it. It's quite frustrating.

Luckily, as Phil and I have long since sorted out probate over mum's estate transferring it should be fairly straight forward, but it's one more thing I have to do tomorrow when I'm visiting Sutton (60+ miles away). I really could have done without it.

Luckily, by the end of tomorrow a headstone for Catherine should be on order, as should the alterations to daddy's headstone.

The inscription we're going with on Catherine's will be something like
Catherine Patricia Frances Overal

On mum's it'll be:
Christine Anne Overal
Born: 02.04.1951
Died: 11.05.2010
Well loved

Pics when it's done, which will be apparently four or five months from ordering.

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