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Ficlet: Communique (G). Originally posted at [ profile] leeadama_daily here. How an Academy Instructor views Lee.


Communique from Major Peters, War College, to Colonel Tigh, Battlestar Galactica

Colonel Saul Tigh
Executive Officer
Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Group 75

Major James Peters
War College

I have been asked by Admiral Martin, commander in charge of this facility, to respond to your request for more information on the following student.

Rank: Ensign
Name: Adama, Leland Joseph
S/N: 318742

I understand from your original communication that you are considering offering a posting on board the Galactica to the aforementioned student on completion of his studies at the War College.

Reports from Ensign Adama's instructors indicate that he has excellent potential as both a flier and an officer.

His flight instructor, Captain Cartwright, states that he has an excellent feel for flying and is a natural in a Viper. Ensign Adama picks up drills and formations very quickly. Both in and out of the Viper we have found his shots on target to be well grouped and aimed. Please see latest results from the gun range, which are enclosed. The only concern that Captain Cartwright has about Ensign Adama's performance in the cockpit is a tendency to over think things, but she believes that this can be corrected with time and further training once Ensign Adama has been given a posting.

Captain Wilson, officer in charge of Ensign Adama's officer training, has stated that he shows excellent leadership qualities with the ability to inspire those around him, though he is occasionally hampered by his desire to be liked by those he is commanding. Captain Wilson is confident that this tendency will improve once Ensign Adama has real worlds experience of command.

We highly recommend Ensign Adama for a posting aboard a Battlestar once he has graduated from War College.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if any further information is required.

Major Peters,
Adjutant to Admiral Martin, Commander of the War College (Caprica)


Drabble: Lost (PG-13). Originally posted at [ profile] leeadama_daily here. How Lee views himself.


The man in the mirror is both instantly recognisable and utterly alien. Physically he is Lee "Apollo" Adama. Inside though he's changed, not the same man he was a day ago.

His mother had encouraged him to use his brain. His father had expected him to be a soldier. His instructors always told him he thought too much when flying.

Lee had always tried to conform to what they wanted him to be while striving to be his own man.

A better man.

A moral man.

But there was Gianne, and the end of the worlds, and the Olympic Carrier.

Now he knows he's lost himself.


Ficlet: Bookends - or, two times they didn't kiss, and one time they did (R - warning for slight pain, minor sexytimes and angst). Originally posted at [ profile] no_takebacks here. Written for the kissing meme.


"I dare you, I double dog dare you."

The first time they almost kissed had been hot and full of desire and Lee had never wanted anything in his life as much as he had wanted Kara in that moment.

It wasn't the alcohol, though it was a convenient excuse, because he had felt a pull to her from the moment that Kara had opened the door.

They had almost forgotten about Zak in the heat of the moment, but he'd woken and in the end a handshake was as close as he and Kara had come to the kiss they both wanted.


Lee winced as Kara desperately tried to unbutton his tunic and instead caught him squarely in the deep purple bruise that she'd given him in the boxing. "Ow! Gods, Kara, gently."

"Crybaby," She crowed, smirking at his discomfort.

Shaking his head, trying to think clearly for a moment, he sought out the places on her torso that he knew were bruised, kissing her roughly at first, causing her to gasp with pain, then gently in the same places before moving slowly to her neck until the gasps of pain turned to pleasure. He whispered softly in her ear, "I missed you."


Now there's only heaviness and the weight of so much sadness. Lee feels desperate to reach out and fix Kara to himself and this new world.

This time there's no tantalising promise of a kiss. Now there's no handshake. No last moment of contact, just an attempt by Kara to misdirect him, distract him so that the moment when he discovers she has gone is put off slightly. So he doesn't have to see her go.

He turns to face the emptiness and promises that she won't be forgotten. In that moment he swears he can feel her warmth one last time.
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