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This post contains spoilers for Doctor Who "Let's Kill Hitler" below the cut. DO NOT CLICK IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN OR HAVE NO WISH TO BE SPOILED.

Also, caps lock partay?

Let's have a list for my OMGWTFBBQ!!!!


  • The whole "you named your daughter after your daughter" bit made me laugh

  • The bit where the Doctor promised to marry Mel if she didn't die made me think that actually it was a hollow promise AND THEN SHE REGENERATED IN TO RIVER! And everything that means for that promise especially in light of Silence in the Library/Forests of the Dead oh gosh.

  • Is Hitler still in the cupboard?

  • I wanted River to comment on the fact she's now a redhead, especially as The Doctor always wants to be (though thinking about it further, Alex Kingston is blonde as River, isn't she?)

  • I really enjoyed the sequence of "I saw that coming so I did X" moments (reminded me of the end of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey a little though). Particularly enjoyed the banana as a callback to The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances :)

  • Rory is a complete BAMF. If I wasn't married and he wasn't fictionalmarried I would totally have him. Oh yes.

  • The gift of the diary made me smile. A really sweet moment.

  • So River is the Impossible Astronaut like the internet was speculating? Is that the conclusion we're drawing from this episode?

  • I guessed before it was said that River was giving up her regenerations to the doctor there (the only bit of the episode I guessed in advance of plot). A nice way to keep him the last of the timelords and essentially handwave the regeneration problem they're coming up to in a couple of regenerations time.

  • I want to know what the Doctor said to River :(

  • Is it bad that I feel incredibly sad for the Ponds not being able to bring up their daughter properly? That they will never get her as a baby, because of what the doctor said about knowing too much, and the rule about going backwards in someone's personal timeline? Honestly, that thought really makes me incredibly sad. Am I overthinking this plot point? :/

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