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So, recently we got a newsletter through from Harbledown Parish Council, stating that they had successfully lobbied to have the missing A2 slip-roads that were supposed to be being built at the Harbledown junction of the A2 cancelled. I was pretty pissed at the time because I think they're necessary to help relieve congestion throughout the city, and it's rather unfair on Wincheap and Thanington to have things like an extended Park and Ride and extra slip-roads imposed on them because the more well heeled residents of Harbledown and Rough Common think it's beneath them.

Here's the extract from the Parish Council newsletter:

Harbledown Parish Council newsletter extract

So imagine my surprise when a campaign leaflet for the local Conservative Party (candidate Brennan Dwyer) dropped onto our doormat proclaiming that the Conservatives had "Successfully lobbied for all 6 A2 slip roads..."

Brennan Dwyer Canterbury Conservative leaflet

So one of them must be lying. They can't both be right. Anyone have any idea which it is? I'd call Mr Dwyer's campaign and ask him, but his leaflet is rather lacking in contact details...

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