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Hi everyone, I know this is a long shot, but I have to try something.

My backpack was stolen last night at St Georges Hospital in Tooting from my mum's bed, while we were visiting her. As I mentioned in my last post, she's critically ill, and losing it was and is unneeded stress.

There is nothing especially valuable in there - my purse (brown) with some change in, some cancelled cards, driving licence and store cards; my mp3 player (black with a blue lanyard, several years old and not worth much); my notebooks (one with stripes and an a4 one with square paper with a cover with elephants on; some pens - and as far as I'm concerned I don't much care about the purse or the mp3 player. I would however really appreciate getting the bag and the notebooks back please.

If anyone in South London (tooting area) or St Georges Hospital has seen or knows someone who has seen a black and red samsonite backpack, kind of beaten up, with several keyrings hanging from the zips (a lego tie fighter, a lego admiral ackbar minifig, two giraffes [one wooden and one soft], an eeyore, a rubber lizard, a lego keyring with my name on it), and a rainbow ribbon on the back, please contact me (email info on my userinfo page) or hand it in to security at St Georges. It would be some stress and hurt taken from my shoulders.

Thank you with all my heart for reading this, and please spread if you can.

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