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I had an eventful afternoon planned, but it turned out way more eventful than I planned in a completely different way to how I planned.

I went to pick up Becky and Paul from school. Our afternoon would revolve around Becky's orchestra at 5pm, so I planned for the children to do half an hour's homework, then take Becky to orchestra and then Paul and I would go get some ice cream at maccyd's before coming home and waiting till their mum came home with Becky (having picked her up after orchestra) as she had a late meeting and their dad was working also.

What actually happened was that we got home and found Tom in tears because his wrist hurt him. He tripped over while playing football before school and he had landed heavily on his right hand. He had been to the school office several times over the course of the day and pretty much nothing had been done. Noone had been notified, he'd had an icepack for part of one lesson and it had been "bandaged" shortly before the end of school. When I say bandaged what I mean is, not bandaged so their was any support, but bandaged with a wound bandage which was pitifly small and unsupportive and certainly not suitable for a wrist injury.

As a result of his obvious pain and unable to do anything for it I bundled the kids in the car and took Tom to the Minor Injuries Unit at the K&C. Picked up ben on the way (this proved to be a brainwave) and got there, finally, despite and not because of Canterbury rush hour traffic.

I'll say this for them. When you have a child in pain, they really rush you through. I stayed with Tom and Ben stayed with Paul and Becky in the children's waiting room. Talked all sorts of shit to Tom to try and take his mind off it. Had him tell me his Christmas list. Get the feeling he'll be dissappointed as there was only like 2 items that cost less than £100 ;)

Anyway, Andy turned up just before a nurse practitioner came to see Tom with the XRay results and stuff so I took the other two home via asda for much needed petrol for the car and sweeties for two very good children.

Tom now has his right hand in plaster. He chipped the base of his thumb so techincally he broke his wrist. No wonder he was in so much pain.

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