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Margot ran heedlessly out of Freudesheim with no real plan of where she was going. She was angry and upset and anxious and confused. She needed to think things out away from anyone that she may lash out at and hurt in her present state. She ended up at the Auberge, not really sure how she ended up there, drawn perhaps by the link with her sisters. She was surprised to see that life was continuing as it always did with no sign of the drama that had played out the day before. A few tourists were trying the echoes, others walking along in small groups discussing all manner of things amongst themselves. It did not seem right somehow. She had received shattering news that had shaken her to her very core but life was continuing as normal for everyone else. She wanted to scream at them, to demand to know why they were no different, why the whole world was not changed. After a brief inward struggle she suppressed the urge.

She had not been sitting long when Jack arrived at the Auberge for the second time in 24 hours. He noted Margot was clearly lost in thought and made the decision to leave her to it for the time being, reasoning she needed time and space to come to terms with what she had been told. Meanwhile he waited near the car, out of her immediate field of vision. He thought back to what had been a short but painful interview. Margot had been upset and angry. Understandably so, really. He knew from his own experiences with his twin, Mollie, just how special the bond between multiple birth siblings was. He had seen Mollie only once since her emigration, but the exchanged letters frequently and despite all the time that had passed since she had married they had fallen easily in to old habits when she had made the journey for the reunion of Chalet School's 'foundation stones'.

Despite his own experiences with his twin, he had not thought about Margot the previous night and he inwardly kicked himself for it, adding it to a list in his head of ways he had failed miserably as a father for his eldest girls, a list that would in future make him more observant and available for his younger children. How could he have been so stupid and insensitive? No wonder Margot had been so angry. He understood her struggle with her temper intimately. It was the same battle he fought constantly. He thought uncomfortably of the incident with Mike and the bird's nest. He had redoubled his efforts after that. It was not acceptable that a grown man should have so little control that his young son should be kept away from him. Jack reflected that of his eldest daughters Margot was perhaps the one to take after him the most. He just wished she had gained some of his more desirable qualities.

As Jack reflected on his own character and his failings as a parent, Margot was wrestling with her own inner demons.
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