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My muse was being kind, so here's another part.

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By the time that Margot was summoned to the head's study by Miss Derwent, and from there sent home, it was gone break-time and well on the way to Mittagessen, and she had been bereft of news about her triplet sisters for the better part of a whole day. She had tried to carry on as normal, trying as hard as she could not to be a spineless jellyfish but by the time the bell for bed came for the seniors on the previous night she had worked herself up in to quite a state and Matron had given her hot milk and a patent dose of her own concoction to ensure she got a decent night's sleep. Margot had, of course, been told by the head on the evening of the previous day that her sisters had got themselves embroiled in an adventure (behaving, Miss Annersley had added, in a very babyish way for two girls long past eighteen and who were supposed to be setting an example), but the brief interview had left her with more worry than before. They were triplets, and that still counted for something, however old they were and however far apart they were beginning to grow, and yet Len and Con had gone off on an adventure without her, and instead of bring them back to school, Papa had taken them to the San. However had she tried (and she tried very hard) Margot could not work it out, and instead was left with a feeling of unease that settled instead in the pit of her stomach. Something wasn't right.

When the morning came and still there was no real news of her sisters the feeling that something was not right intensified itself in to a feeling that actually something was dreadfully wrong, and that sense followed her around all morning, to the extent that she she achieved nothing in that morning's lessons, taking few notes and incapable of committing anything to memory.

On entering the head's study, Margot had only just remembered to dip in to her regulation curtsy, but as soon as it was done she inundated her brevet-aunt with a torrent of words, demanding to know where her sisters were and what had happened. Hilda tried to keep her tone light as she reassured Margot that her sisters were safe at the San, but that her parents wanted her home. On her dismissal from the study Margot fairly flew over to Freudesheim, where the reception committee of her parents and Frank Peters awaited.

The sight that greeted her in the Salon of Freudesheim did not calm her fears at all. Her mother had a tear-stained face, and was clearly struggling to hold it together. Her father was pale but calm, seated next to her mother, supporting her physically and mentally. Frank Peters stood near the door and was first to greet her, while as he did so steered her into a chair drawn close to where to father sat. When Margot thought about it much later, the whole scene in the Freudesheim Salon resembled one of those tragic book tableaux which were so a part of Saturday evenings at the Chalet School. Unable to contain the question any more, Margot found herself speaking in a voice rather unlike her own.

"Please Dr Peters. What has happened to my sisters?"
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