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Sorry it's taken me so long to update again.

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Anna, who had noticed the doctors letting themselves in to Freudesheim and observed the serious looks on their faces, listened at the door to the Salon. It wasn't often she did so, well aware of how her mistress viewed such things, but from time to time she felt it was the best way to serve Joey. It was how she was so good at "anticipating" what her mistress would bid her do next, and judging by the expressions of the doctors, and the telephone calls of the previous night that had left Joey restless and obviously concerned, more so than was usual after the escapades of the triplets, Anna would be needed soon. In fact, she already had a generous measure of milk heating on the stove.

It was difficult to hear much for some time. Anna identified the voices of the doctors, speaking in low tones, telling their story in relays. She picked out words here and there, but it gave her little idea as to what exactly had been happening, but she was alarmed when the measured tones of the doctors were suddenly interrupted by a heart rending cry, the words of which were incomprehensible though the meaning clear, which was followed immediately by the unmistakable sound of a storm of tears. Anna admitted to herself that she was quite alarmed. The last time she remembered hearing sobs like that from Joey was in the dark days after the awful admiralty telegram.

The door suddenly opened, interrupting Anna's thoughts. It was Frank Peters. Through the gap she saw her mistress with her head in her hands sobbing, with Dr Maynard seated next to her holding her tight, looking somewhat weary. Frank closed the door before Anna got much more than a glimpse. He shepherded her across the hall to the study, where he explained briefly what Joey had just been told. Anna nodded, "Poor child. I had feared that she was going to try something like this one day, but what could I do? It was not my place to tell Frau Doktor Maynard how to raise her children. Will you require hot milk for her?" she said, glancing across at the Salon, where the sound of Joey's sobs were gradually lessening.

"Later perhaps." Frank replied. "For now, coffee please. Then, when Jo is calmer, we can call the school and have Margot sent over. She has yet to be told."

Anna nodded again. "She will be worried." With which she left to arrange for a large pot of milky coffee and some biscuits, all the time muttering about Len and the burdens which had been put upon her.
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