8 March 2004 10:59 am
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As a rule, I love weekends. They're great cos I don't have to do any work and I get to lie in.

This weekend sucked.

I woke up on Saturday at silly times and when I managed to get back to sleep I ended up sleeping away the whole morning. Was in a crappy mood so ben ended up coming round and making me go out. I did some washing up and had a bacon sarnie then we went to town for what we presumed would be just a couple of hours.

As usual we lost our whole day there. We wandered round, had starbucks and brought each other little things for Saturday was our 3 month engagement anniversary. I got my ring back from the jewellers where it was being mended and they cleaned it so it was all shiny too. Just about to go to Safeway to shop when we got a call from Chris and Eileen offering to buy us coffee so off we went and met them, seeing a [livejournal.com profile] nert on the way.

Ended up shopping in Sainsburies. Car was tight squeeze. Dropped my food back at 19b then ran back to car so got lift to fr. Had half home made half store brought chinese/thai and was muchos nice. Slept for a bit and then got lift back with adam cos he's lovely.

Ended up sleeping at 2:30ish.

Was up the next day at 7am :(

Had all day choir rehersal and was bad tempered and sulky. Was very very tired. Sulked all the walk home and then ben and I curled up and slept a bit. Felt better for that. Was going to have Sausages and bread for tea but ended up with just bread cos ben burnt the sausages from the inside out. They were "special".

Ben massaged my back and then went home for an "early" night. I fell asleep almost straight away.

Weekend tiring.

Feel very bleh this morning.

Luckily work was good and beks was very very well behaved. Don't think I could have delt with her otherwise.

Mum has gotten on the waiting list for a secondment to the princes trust as a team leader which will be a welcome change of scenery for her :D I'm very very happy for her :D

*notes late for semnar*
*notes she doesn't want to go*

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