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It was quite some time before Margot calmed down enough to think about anything rationally. For a long time she had whirls of angry thoughts against a great many people in her head, swirling round and round. Her parents for keeping it to themselves for so long, and because she was sure they were the cause of it, putting all that responsibility on to Len. Her school. More responsibility for Len, no indication that anything might have been wrong with her until Margot was sent home. Anger against several other people, all for increasingly tenuous reasons. It was only as Margot calmed down that she realised that a good deal of that anger was really at herself.

She was starting to feel rather ashamed of herself. She had been happy to be the naughty one. Little pressure there, low expectations. A free pass to break out every once in a while, but really she could, and should, have taken some of the load from Len's shoulders. She could have noticed something was wrong with Len but had not taken the time.

Her thoughts continued in a similar way for a long time. None of the thoughts were pleasant, but they wrought within her a deeper realisation and change than had resulted from any previous event. Margot had no idea how long she sat wrestling with herself, and even less of an idea how long her father had been patiently waiting some distance away for her to be ready, but when she was finally calm enough to notice him, she was glad of his presence. She looked over to him and gave a small smile and a nod. She was ready to talk, and then, perhaps, to leave the Auberge and see her sisters.


Meanwhile, back at Freudesheim, Joey slept.

After the shock of the initial revelation, the stormy interview with Margot and the latter's headlong flight from the house she was all in, and starting to become hysterical. Frank knew he must act to calm her down and help her sleep so as to be better able to cope and to help Jack make the decisions that Frank was sure would have to be made sooner or later. He had taken Anna up on the hot milk she had been preparing for Jo, and, once she had finished it all, had Anna put her to bed, before giving her a dose that would finish the calming effect of the milk and help her sleep, ready for whatever awaited her and Jack the next day.

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