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I've been loving Mark Does Stuff for a long time. I've been reading his stuff ever since he read The Twilight Saga which was amazing from a watching someone disintegrate in front of your very eyes point of view. Then he did Harry Potter, which was brilliant from a he's never read this before and thinks it's fucking awesome point of view.

Then he started to watch stuff as well and of the things I watch he's done Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Seriously, if you can find time to read those reviews they're brilliant, because it's incredibly exciting to see someone discovering something you love for the first time.

And now he's started watching Battlestar Galactica which is so exciting for me to read.

Anyway, this is me recommending that you read this stuff, that you add his sites to your RSS reader and that you sit back and enjoy someone discovering Battlestar Galactica for the first time. I'm loving it.

Also have a random graphic I made off the back off a conversation with [ profile] red_pill about Hera Agathon. Spoilers if you haven't seen BSG in the entirety.

Well it amused me.

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