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So back in 2006 when I was doing my teacher training I needed some new shoes and found some very attractive Docs:

which I loved to death. Literally. They eventually nearly fell apart, and then I got some new docs, which I have also loved nearly to death:

That pic doesn't show the condition of them currently properly, but they're starting to die now, which is sad :(

(Side note, I also have some Docs Sandals which are in their third summer now and still in excellent health, though they still bear the scars from where I scratched them when I fell down the stairs.)

I've had my eyes on a new pair of Docs for ages, since before mum got ill. These shoes (Dr Martens Candie two strap). However, in the time between first looking and when things had settled down enough for me to actually think about getting them, virtually everywhere has sold out of the shoes I was coveting. The only place I could find with my size in stock was Scorpio Shoes, so I bought them before they too were out of stock.

They were brilliant by the way - very speedy service, I got the shoes within two days.

They turned up today and are sooooooo pretty and shiny.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
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