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To the tune of A Windmill in Old Amsterdam (Song gettable from here for now).

A Jo lived in Freudesheim
A wife lived on a mountain shelf in the Swiss Oberland
She lived in a guesthouse, it’s hardly surprising
She sang in her lark tones "How lucky I am! Living in Freudesheim in the Swiss Oberland!"

I saw a Jo!
There on that chair!
Where is that chair?
Right there! That chair in the study.
Well I declare!
Drinking coffee right there on that chair.
Right there.

First she had triplets, and then singletons
Freudesheim had twins in, triplets and ones in,
They sang every morning "How lucky we are, living on a shelf on a Swiss mountain, Ja!"

I saw a Jo!
There on the stair!
Where on the stair?
Right there! Now she’s falling down them!
Well I declare!
There’s a Jo falling down Freudesheim stairs.
Right there.

This wife she got lonesome, she took in some wards
A guest house with wards in, cousins and friends in,
They choired every morning “how lucky we am! Living with Jo in the Swiss Oberland!”

I saw a Jo!
There on the lake!
Where on the lake?
Right there! In that capsizing row boat!
Well I declare!
There’s a Jo capsizing in that row boat.
Right there.

The daughters got married and so did the sons,
The school chapels had christenings and everyone was attending
They all sang in chorus "how lucky we are, living in houses on a Swiss mountain, Ja!"

I saw a Jo!
There in that garden!
Where in that garden?
Right there! Hilda’s despairing at her English!
Well I declare!
There’s a Jo correcting her English in that garden.
Right there.

A wife lived on a mountain shelf, so snug and so nice,
There’s nobody there now but a whole lot of Maynards!

Ok, so some of it's a bit laboured, but it amused me ;)

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