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I mentioned here that Phil and I spent hours cleaning out the spare room at mum's place so that I could have my own space here. The bed arrived on Saturday and is now all together and covered with bed clothes. I brought some things back from Canterbury this morning to make it more my own space, so I thought I would post the pictures of how it looks now (please excuse the quality, I used my phone camera).

I'm still trying to think of ways to improve the walls. Maybe I need some postcards or something to stick up?

We've managed to get the stuff to be sorted through and potentially got rid of down to one set of shelves now, which I have called The Shelf of Ultimate Crap.

My cheapy bed, with a bedside cabinet from Freecycle (Freegle is excellent too btw):

Another view of the bed, with the Shelf of Ultimate Usefulness also in frame ;) (Also, Max [the bear], trikeratoops [the blue triceratops], and a giraffe [given to me by my Sister in Law a couple of christmases ago].)

The other side of the room, with my mood beams on the window-sill:

A close-up of my mood beams, which I grabbed on the spur of the moment this morning, and I'm glad I did. They're rather cheering, especially when I set them glowing:

In other news, still waiting to hear when the MRI will be. I also called mum's council this morning and they're sending forms to register for postal voting, then I called my council who are sending me forms for both a postal and a proxy vote so I can pick which one I want to use. Then I'm hopefully covered should I be here on election day.

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