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This post has been brought on by two things. First, it's the Euro and County Council elections (at least for us in Kent) tomorrow (possibly today, depending on when I finish writing this). Second, we finally received a leaflet from Labour today and I really don't think they're even trying to contest this election. I was shocked by the poor quality and decided to share. Then I figured that I may as well document all the political bumf that Ben and I have had through the letter box during this process.

Some were addressed to me, some were addressed to Ben. Interestingly, apart from the Greens, it was different letters/leaflets addressed to each of us (if they were addressed at all), rather than any overlap.

Click on pictures to embiggen throughout.

An artfully arranged display of all our leaflets.

I'll start with the shoddy leaflet that kicked all this off, which is the last one we have received.

This one is courtesy of Labour. I'm not a Labour supporter, so I admit this might be rather biased of me, but this is possibly the worst political leaflet I have ever seen. Acres of blank space, poor grammar and spelling, and clearly has not been proof read before being printed off. Which is sad because I can only assume it's been/being passed around the district, and it's really not a good advert for the Labour Party. Read it and you'll see what I mean.

The Conservatives have tried hardest, sending round several leaflets, and the only party to send someone to Canvass us. I should mention that neither Ben nor I are currently registered with any political party, so that can't be the reason we have quite so many Conservative mailshots. I can only assume that they're trying this hard with everyone.

This was the most recent.

Ben had a 'personal' letter from the Conservative candidate...

...which came with a regular leaflet.

Don't they look stylish together? ;)

Another Conservative leaflet. I can't remember when this one turned up.

This last one is a copy of the main Conservative KCC leaflet. This one was hand delivered by the canvasser. We have two copies of this as one was in with the letter that Ben got, shown further up.

The problem we had with this is that it reads like a particularly poor CV. On the upside, there was little wasted space and it did appear to have been spell checked/proof read before it was printed.

On the downside, it does lie, as did the Canvasser about the John Simmonds (the Cons Candidate for Canterbury West, which is our ward) being "The Local Choice". The Canvasser told me that the candidate lived "just round the corner". This is untrue. John Simmonds lives in Whitstable, which is not "just round the corner". According to google maps it is actually 5.7 miles away from my address to his. I suppose it could be a very large corner...

In fact, I believe the Canvasser was referring to the Conservative candidate for the Canterbury South-West Ward (Maureen Robinson), who does live "just round the corner" in Oaks Park (I believe).

While Whiststable may be "local", it's not local in the sense the canvasser, and I believe the leaflet, were aiming at.

Not impressed.

Also not impressed with myself - I only remembered the questions I wanted to ask the canvasser (pot holes, Iceland[as in banks, not supermarkets]) after I closed the door, and I wasn't about to go chasing after him!

The Green Party sent us two leaflets, one addressed to each of us. Unfortunately they were both identical and both came through the post. Have to wonder about the Carbon Footprint of that.

We also got a leaflet from the "No2EU" party, who appear to be endorsed only by Bob Crow of RMT Union fame.

We have also received the now infamous BNP leaflet. Not sure what we'll do with it yet. Possibly shred it and then set it on fire. Ben pointed out it looked rather like a kebab menu, which is funny because it's true.

I don't know where to start on the ways in which this hate filled nasty little piece of racist propaganda annoys and frustrates me, so I shan't even try. I only picture it for completeness and posterity. I hope in years to come I can look back and laugh on the fact that people ever considered voting for these cretins, especially on the basis of this.

I just hope they don't win a significant share of the vote, especially a share significant enough to win a seat.

Given my political sympathies swing towards the Lib Dems, perhaps naturally as they were the party supported by my parents while I was growing up (I delivered my fair share of Focuses, did several shifts of telling at several elections at my local polling station, had an action room in our living room during a general election - tables and tables of addresses! - and even attended a Count as Lib Dem representative - all while I was 18 or younger) I am disappointed by the efforts of the local party.

No Canvassing, at least, not round my block of flats. Only one leaflet about only one of the two elections. Given they say on their leaflet that "only the Lib Dems can beat the Conservatives here" I don't feel like they really tried at all. One leaflet specifically about the election, and then only about the Europeans, nothing at all about KCC.

A Lib Dem publication was the first one we got during this cycle, I seem to remember anyway, but it was a regular quarterly Focus, nothing really to do with the election. It was also in need of a proof read as at the very least the URL at the bottom of page two was wrong - "www.cantlibdem" is no URL at all.

What I'm trying to say, badly, is that I'm disappointed in the Lib Dem campaign, at least in my ward. I want to vote for them, but I feel like they've done nothing to deserve it. They've certainly not actually tried to get my vote.

I hoped for more.

We got this leaflet, which is the Lib Dem Euro specific one, only very recently - possibly the last week or so?

I know campaigning in a Tory stronghold (Canterbury constituency has elected only Conservative MPs since 1874, the longest any current UK constituency has remained under the control of one party [source=wikipedia]), but really, if you don't make the effort (and I apply this to Labour, much as I dislike them atm, as much as I do to the Liberal Democrats) then they'll never be beaten here. Most elections here (Canterbury) seem to have a depressing enevitability about them. Purely on the basis of who sends out the most stuff and is the most visible (including on the doorstep), it is the Conservatives who are the most visible.

Anyway, I should go to bed. I'm getting up early to vote!

ETA: the election is today as I finish writing. It's gone 1am!

Date: 4 June 2009 05:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We have had more stuff from the lib dems (I think 5, but not totally sure) but all of it has obvious typo/speeling issues (1 referred to 'Thannington' & 'Thanington' on the same page, another had the URL wrong) but there have been some interesting touches - foo & I both got out lib dem letters in hand addressed blueysilver envelopes that made them look like they were going to be Exciting Post (TM!)

Date: 4 June 2009 05:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Not seen hide nor hair of a BNP flyer, which is surprisingly sensible of them really. In wolverhampton they are handing out anti-BNP stuff: a newspaper, and a little flyer ripping the BNP one to shreds. That includes quotes from the real people in their pictures saying "I don't support these shits! Why am I on this fucking flyer?!" Don't think *any* of their pictures are of any real life supporters.

Date: 4 June 2009 07:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
We had lots from the Conservatives as well - some of them look very similar to yours. The Conservative candidate also sent a leaflet with a phone number to ring if you want a lift to the polling station, which I thought was a nice touch.

I don't think I've seen anything for Labour or Green, but I have for LibDems and UKIP. Nothing for BNP.

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