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Last Monday [ profile] red_pill was down for a visit, so we did the touristy thing and went to Wildwood to see all the cute animals.

We started off at Canterbury Asda, where Phil got some new jeans and I went all arty on the place with my camera.

From there we proceeded to Wildwood. We chose Wildwood on the grounds that I've been before and Phil has been dying to see the cute British animals they have there for over a year. I took loads of pictures, but lots had to be deleted as they were mostly very good pictures of fences or perspex windows ;) Some of the pictures aren't as clear as I'd like them to be, but they were all taken through fences or windows, so I don't think they're too bad, given the circumstances and my lack of skill :)

All the signs had a badger theme:

We also found a sign that clearly needed fixing - the "preferred habitat" and "favourite food" sections had obviously become switched at some point:

We saw lots of animals on our travels including (but not limited to):
A red fox.

Water birds of various types.

Cranes (at least, I think this is a Crane ;))

Sleeping Arctic Foxes.

Wild horses.

Various types of Deer. I think this one is Fallow Deer.

Tawny Owls.

A sleeping polecat.

Sleeping Badgers.

A weasel - at least, I'm fairly sure it's a weasel. Getting a clear picture of it was extremely difficult. It's extremely fast and agile.

Brief comedy interlude:
What's the difference between a Stoat and a Weasel?
A weasel is weasel-y recognised, while a stoat is stoat-aly different!
Boom boom!

A sleeping Lynx.

Wolves. These were also difficult to get pictures of. I never realised how quick they were before - they all came out slightly blurry.


And Black Rats. I'm rather pleased with this picture, which was a complete fluke.

Of course, there were lots of other animals we saw, but those are my best pictures. For the rest, see here.

Here you see the Philip Overal ("reddus pillus") in his natural habitat.

Also on a swing...

...and a mini-zipwire.

We got told off shortly after that picture was taken by an eight year old who told us that the playground was only for children. We couldn't find any signs to say so though, so I have a clear conscience :). I also had a go on the zipwire. T'was good fun, even if my first go was with my eyes shut and I wouldn't let Phil give me a push off ;)

This is always good advice:

Some camera and lens porn (SFW - not actual porn) for camera geeks:

Philip and Little Bunny Foo-Foo pose for a picture:

It turned out that he had worn his dressing gown to Wildwood. Arthur Dent's influence on his childhood and later life can not be overstated.

We had lunch at The Parrot (the pub formerly known as Simple Simon's). Pictures here. Food was lovely :)

Finally we explored the River Stour a little.

It was a beautiful spring day, with the sky reflecting in the river.

Spring is truly springing:

Some cool throwbacks to the time when there was a mill on this particular section of the river:

Phil got very close to the river in search of pictures. Unfortunately he didn't fall in. That might have been funny.

It was a really nice day :)

The Parrot.
The River Stour.
Phil's pictures of the day.

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Date: 10 March 2009 01:04 pm (UTC)
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arnt thay gorgues! :D

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that black rat is sooo cute!

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